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Stewart Ridge, LLC

Stewart Ridge, LLC was established in 2020, and is an offset of the 1944 established: StewartRidge Farms. This break off was to allow a better focus and management of animal production and retail sales.

We are a multi-generational family farm. With great grandparents, grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all contributing.

Stewart Ridge strives to uphold the StewartRidge Farms core values of continual education, improvement, and stewardship of the land. We are constantly attempting to improve our agriculture methods and lessen our environmental impact. The goal is to provide the local community with food that is not only delicious and nutritious, but also affordable.

As of 2020, our main focus is still on our closed herd of Angus beef. We are growing though! We now raise pastured poultry: free range eggs and meat birds. 

Our farm-store is now open! As we expand, so will the store. Any and all suggestions are always welcomed.

About Us: Our Farm

The Store

Opened officially on May 30th, 2020; we are incredibly proud of the farm store.

The building, along with the high point barn, are the two original farm buildings. Although not much information could be found on the property, we can guess it was built sometime in the mid-to-late 1800’s. Still featuring the same slate roof that buildings in Delta are renowned for. It had first been used as a carriage house and grain storage, then as a woodshop and storage unit in more recent years.

The renovation of the building was a long one, and done entirely by Paul and David Stewart. After a huge clean out, replacing some flooring, and literally tying the building together – the store was ready to open.

Open Fridays, 3PM-5PM, Saturdays 10AM-5PM, or by appointment. We sell cuts of Angus beef, pastured poultry, dog treats, goat milk soap, and honey (from a hive on our farm, cared for by our friends at Bee Holler Honey). Along with other, seasonal, farm-made products.

Come on down and see the farm. If you are looking for a specific cut or item, we recommend sending a message just to confirm that it is in stock!

About Us: History

Our Cattle

What makes our beef different?

Well, for one, it comes from our closed herd of Angus cattle. A herd we have been growing since selling our dairy herd in 2011. Other than introducing new bulls every few years (from a local breeder), our cows are our cows. We breed and raise till slaughter. Rotational grazing methods are practiced to ensure pasture, and cattle, health.

The cattle we eventually send to the butcher shop are hand selected by us. These few are given a small finish of ground barley in order to ensure prime marbling. The ground finish we grow and grind all on farm. The grain ration we give is very limited, not given as a primary feed.

We never use antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

Our cattle are butchered by one of two local butcher shops: Smuckers in Mount Joy or Galvinells in Conowingo. Cuts are USDA inspected. Sold by the lb.

About Us: Mission

Our Laying Hens

Come to the shop and you're bound to see more than a few birds running around! 

Chickens have long been the obsession of Allison Stewart, and the flock has grown exponentially over time. 

Our chickens free range all the time and have access to pasture where our cattle graze. This allows our birds to receive the health benefits of a diet rich from ruminant-pasture interaction. Giving deep yellow and orange yolks that you can't find in the store! 

Egg prices change depending on season (we don't supplement light with our layers, and light determines how chickens lay), $2.50-$3.00 per dozen. Thanks to a huge variety of breeds, we get eggs that are white, brown, green, blue, and just about everything in between! Each carton has its own surprise. 

About Us: Mission
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